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At Kids Kare Schools, our various programs help in transitioning your child through the most informative years of their lives. Starting at 18 months, your toddler will be exposed to an array of colors, shapes, sounds and tactile experiences. Hands-on arts, crafts, and social interactions take center stage in our toddler curriculum. Outside play is strongly encouraged with age appropriate play structures and activities to thrill these little ones, while helping develop their motor skills, physical strength and self confidence.

As these children grow and mature they transition into our more structured, educationally based preschool curriculum. This program introduces phonics, writing, science and computers into the daily schedules, while continuing to build their social skills. Upon completion of our program and prior to heading off to kindergarten, our preschoolers participate in a full-fledged graduation ceremony. 


Next stop; Kindergarten! Once your child enters elementary school, they become an exclusive member of Club Kids Kare, which includes children through 6th grade. This program provides bussing to and from local elementary schools, Homework Club for assistance with weekly homework assignments, as well as access to our amazing game rooms, computers, iPod areas and our captivating play yards. 


During the summer, both our kindergarten and grade school children have the opportunity to participate in our fun-filled Summer Blast. This program includes numerous field trips to local areas of interest, entertaining speakers and various demonstrations designed to delight and awe the children throughout their summer vacation.

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