We offer fun, structured educational activities that mirror the curriculum at your child’s elementary school, thus reinforcing what they’re currently learning in kindergarten.   



At Kids Kare, we can accommodate ALL kindergarten schedules whether your child is in AM, PM or All-Day kindergarten classes. Prior to being bussed by Kids Kare Schools, all Parents are required to complete a transportation form.  This form will have a photo of your child on it along with all information pertinent to your child such as the name of their elementary school, teacher, classroom, etc.  One copy of this form will remain at your child’s Kids Kare school and another copy will remain on the bus with the bus driver at all times. Both you and your child will be introduced to the bus driver prior to the first day of school.  Each of our centers has a scheduled day when your child can participate in a “dry run” ride on the bus to their school so they can know what to expect on their first day riding the bus to school. For the first two weeks of each new school year, a supervisor will ride the bus each day when the Kindergartners are taken to their elementary school and brought back to the center after their school day ends.  In addition, throughout the school year, any newly enrolled children will be accompanied by a supervisor on their first day riding the Kids Kare Bus. Once this transition period is over, our bus driver will always make sure that your child is safely within the campus gates before departing from the elementary school. Since this is a new experience for them, we always have the kindergarten children sit in the front of the bus, closest to the bus driver. Parents who prefer to walk their new kindergartners to and from their classroom are encouraged to follow the Kids Kare bus to their child’s elementary school.  The parent can meet the child at the bus in the morning upon drop off and then walk them in to class.  At the end of the day, the parent can then escort their child from the classroom to the bus pick up location.  This will enable your child to be familiar with the bus, the driver and the procedures that will be followed as a rider. As an added safety precaution, all kindergartners will receive a Kids Kare identification tag to attach to their backpack identifying them as a Kid Kare bus rider.  This will allow all teachers monitoring the bus pick-up area to direct your child to the proper area for their pick up.  Also, on the rare occasion that a child misses their bus, this tag will give the elementary school office staff all of the necessary information to have the child picked up by one of our busses.



In today’s world, opportunities for “family time” are often few and far between.  As our lives become busier and our schedules become more hectic, time spent with family becomes a truly precious commodity.  Kids Kare hopes to ease the burden placed upon today’s families by providing Homework Club, where parents can choose to sign their children up for homework help.  Once a Homework Club Contract is signed by the parent, child and the center’s director, Homework Club takes precedence over any other events in our center and is located in the quietest environment possible.  Our centers provide tutors as necessary to assist with homework for all age ranges. All homework is checked for completion and correct answers prior to the child being released to go out for free play.  We have iMac computers, iPads and printers available for your child’s homework needs.  Additionally, all centers have fully stocked libraries for reading assignments.



All kindergartners are provided breakfast before school and a snack in the afternoon.  Lunch is also provided as well, based upon your child’s school schedule.   During all school holidays, breakfast, lunch and snack are provided to all students in attendance. All Club Kids Kare members will have hands-on fun  creating special snacks and treats in addition to our normal meals served, as well as the ability to participate in Snack Shop Fridays.  



As members of Club Kids Kare, your child will spend his or her mornings in comfortable, kid friendly surroundings, including plush couches and chairs for simply lounging, listening to the latest music on our iPods or socializing with friends.  Our centers are filled with the latest in technology, including iMac computers, and iPads.  Our fantastic game room allows kids to engage in the best of all video gaming with the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, Playstation, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, Karaoke and more.  Your child will also enjoy the latest movies available in our Kids Kare Home Theater, complete with surround sound and a big screen television. In addition to all of this, they also have access to group games such as air hockey, billiards, board games and  fully stocked art rooms, allowing children to develop their more creative sides as well.  Our open, spacious and engaging play yards encourage outside play and socialization.  Additionally our staff are very involved with the kids and love to work on projects and actively participate in all kinds of activities with the children. 


In closing, we hope we have provided you with the information necessary for you and your child.  We encourage you to stop by anytime with any questions or concerns you might have and look forward to welcoming you and your child to Kids Kare Schools, serving the needs of Valley families for over 55 years.

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